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Grumpy's 10-Hole Club
Grumpy gets his loot.
Gator displays his new #1 hat!
Grumpy getting out of jail.
Commish & BullDog
BullDog, right, with The Commish at the
2007 Slammies
BullDog & Bookie
Ticklar victim Bookie
Flash & BullDog
Flash, thanks to The Lad
Little Ticklar
Proud club member, Little Ticklar
For those who are new to match-play format, if one player beats the other 10 holes-in-a-row (or nine wins plus one tie) they've 10-holed their opponent and the match is over.

Thanks to Jim "Grumpy" Backs for his neverending support of the Slammer Tour!

Grumpy's 10-Hole Club (2014)
10-Hole Clubbers
Grumpy's 10-Hole Club Grumpy's 10-Hole Club Grumpy's 10-Hole Club
2018 2017 2016
Grumpy's 10-Hole Club Grumpy's 10-Hole Club Grumpy's 10-Hole Club
2015 2014 2013
2010-2012 10-Hole Clubbers
Click here for the 10-Hole Club Inductees,
including all of the history back to 2001.

2009 10-Hole Clubbers
Inductee Courtesy of... Course Date
PizzaMan IronMaiden Falcon Ridge Nov 22
Rulz Chilly Cedarhill Nov 21
WildCard Chilly Falcon Ridge Nov 14
Littlest Ticklar SpinMaster Smuggler's Glen Oct 25
Adams Golf TJ Smuggler's Glen Oct 25
Mrs. Malone Malone Smuggler's Glen Oct 17
Sutty Wilfred Canadian Oct 3
SpinMaster Smitty Cedarhill Sept 23
AnotherGuy Chilly Montebello Sept 20
Papa Malone Hacker Chateau Cartier Sept 11
Papa Malone DeeJay Chateau Cartier Sept 11
Dools Stevie Ray Canadian Sept 7
Duffy Boomer Metcalfe Sept 2
ShorTee Akeem Talon Aug 23
ShorTee Toro Talon Aug 23
ShorTee Boomer Canadian Aug 22
Grumpy Monkee Falcon Ridge Aug 13
Grumpy Dyke Marshes Aug 8
Lady Jazz Boomer Outaouais Aug 4
Lady Jazz ZeeMan Outaouais Aug 4
AnotherGuy Crush Mountain Creek Aug 1
Wilfred Rambo Stonebridge Jul 28
WildCard Chilly Predator Jul 26
Little Ticklar KidsClub Prescott Jul 11
Mrs. Malone BullDog Lombard Glen Jun 27
NK Bear Malone Lombard Glen Jun 27
HP Billiards Champlain Jun 24
ShorTee Kirkulese Pine View Jun 23
Red Lefty Casselview June 21
Red The Boss Casselview June 21
ShorTee Chilly Arnprior June 20
PizzaMan Chilly Arnprior June 20
HP Kanata Metcalfe June 17
Steamer Rulz Greensmere June 16
Steamer Chef Greensmere June 16
Steamer KaDaver Greensmere June 16
Donald Book Norm Renfrew June 14
SpinMaster Chef Outaouais June 9
Wilfred ProZee Nation June 7
Mapper The Kid Le Sorcier June 6
ShorTee Chilly Chateau Cartier May 26
ShorTee KaDaver Chateau Cartier May 26
SuperDave Chilly Cedar Glen May 24
Sutty IttyBitty Metcalfe May 20
ShorTee PJ Prescott May 18
Lucky Chilly Stonebridge May 16
Red Lefty Lombard Glen May 16
Red ProZee Lombard Glen May 16
Flash Chef Vieux Moulins April 13
2008 10-Hole Clubbers
Inductee Courtesy of... Course Date
Bed Suds Casselview Nov 9
Burnhard Chilly Metcalfe Nov 4
IronMaiden CannyJack Casselview Nov 2
G-Neuf PinShark Champlain Sep 24
Eeyore Tootsie Vieux Moulins Sep 13
The Chin ProZee Pineview Aug 20
Cloudy TeeDub Casselview Aug 17
ZeeMan Chilly Outaouais Aug 12
Goldilocks Dyke Marshes Aug 3
Alfa Ray Chef Outaouais July 22
G-Neuf Boomer Champlain July 16
BB Frog Boomer Chateau Cartier July 8
The Chin Steamer Nation July 6
KeenGolfer Pedro Upper Canada July 5
Mrs. Malone Juice Lombard Glen June 21
Gallinator ZenGirl Lombard Glen June 21
SunnyBoy Sunny Dragon Fly June 15
RedDog Hacker Arnprior June 8
PaperGuy GolfNut Falcon Ridge June 3
Stevie Ray Zenantics Casselview June 1
BigM GolfNut Greensmere May 28
Little Ticklar DeeJay Champlain May 14
Horsie Boomer Falcon Ridge May 13
BullDog Hambolo Vieux Moulins May 7
BullDog Ticklar Vieux Moulis May 7
Cisco 2Fore Hammond May 4
2007 10-Hole Clubbers
Inductee Courtesy of... Course Date
Bookie Ticklar Cloverdale Oct 6
MoneyMan Stevie Ray Stonebridge Sep 25
MadMax The Lad Falcon Ridge Sep 19
Marmotte Dazed Greensmere Sep 1
XL Easy Slug Upper Canada Aug 12
Mapper The Lad Chateau Cartier Aug 8
Mapper Bookie Renfrew Aug 4
SpinMaster The Lad Renfrew Aug 4
Mr. MotoMaster Gabbar Kingsway Aug 1
Thespian Boomer Manderley Jul 10
Marmotte Suds Prescott Jul 8
Gabber FlagPole Stonebridge Jun 19
Gabbar Ridzie Stonebridge Jun 19
Flash The Lad Eagle Creek Jun 17
Little Ticklar Ticklar Prescott May 26
TinCup Gabbar Stonebridge May 22
TinCup KidsClub Stonebridge May 22
Gabbar BullDog Canadian May 15
AceHole WizeGuy Kingsway May 9
Ruskie Zenantics Nation Apr 14
2006 10-Hole Clubbers
Inductee Courtesy of... Course Date
Beau Kricket Vieux Moulins Oct 18
Kricket Smitty Renfrew Oct 9
KidsClub BurnHard Renfrew Oct 9
KidsClub Bookie Renfrew Oct 9
Speedy Boomer Falcon Ridge Jul 22
Speedy PuttPutt Falcon Ridge Jul 22
The Scotsman Ticklar Casselview Jul 9
Marmotte Tracy Le Sorcier Jul 8
Kricket Blondie Upper Canada Jul 1
Little Ticklar Ticklar Canadian Jun 18
Boomer Smitty Manderley Jun 11
Marmotte Eeyore Casselview Jun 10
Ruskie Ticklar Outaouais May 21
Ruskie BullDog Champlain May 10
Little Ticklar Hacker Cedar Glen Apr 2
BullDog Ticklar Cedar Glen Apr 2
2005 10-Hole Clubbers
Inductee Courtesy of... Course Date
NC Sean Chateau Cartier Nov 2
Beau Kricket Arnprior Oct 22
Bubbles Chilly Emerald Links Oct 8
Bookie Billiards Outaouais Sep 18
The Scribe Billiards Outaouais Sep 18
Gramps Rulz Mont St. Marie Aug 5
Marmotte Marc Gelinas Outaouais Jul 31
Little Ticklar Boomer Chateau Cartier Jul 24
Marmotte Bookie Eagle Creek Jul 17
Honourary Inductee
Stephen Ames, courtesy of Tiger Woods at the 2006 World Match Play Championship (Tiger won 9&8)




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