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The Ace Club

Click here for PDF of hole-in-one jackpot insurance contenders.

How to inski
To be eligible for the hole in one jackpot insurance:
  1. Pay an OC 10 bones before you tee off at your next Slammer Tour event. You are not officially in the hole-in-one club until the OC is paid before your next round.
  2. Either you or the OC sends an email to to indicate you've paid and that you're in the club.

Once you have handed an OC your 10 bones, you are eligible at your next hole (par-fours count). The hole-in-one must occur at an official Slammer Tour event where the event is published on the results page of the website, aside from the Commish's Cup which is eligible for the pot. Indoor Slammer Tour events do not apply.

Any hole-in-one on the same day will earn all or a portion of the jackpot. If there are multiple hole-in-ones on the same day (i.e., one after the other during the same event or at a different course on the same day), then the pot will be split amongst the hole-in-one makers that day.

Andy McWilliams (Macdahustla) Andy McWilliams (Macdahustla)

On Monday, September 11th, playing round two of a double-header at eQuinelle Golf Club in Kemptville, Macdahustla aces the tricky third hole on his 21st tee-shot of the day. Witnessed by playing partners Green Arrow, Rufus and GovNer4, this 2017 Slammer Tour rookie stepped up and thinned his Chrome Soft Truvis from a distance of 182-yards with his trusty five-iron and jarred the bloody thing. This was Mac's second hole-in-one of the season and considering he went 5-0 in his matches on the day, there might still be more to come. Well done, sir!

Shari Johnson (Dr. Pepper) Shari Johnson (Dr. Pepper)

On Sunday, September 3rd, amidst a steady but gentle rain, Shari Johnson, aka Dr. Pepper, cans her tee shot on Pine View's 16th hole. Playing 137-yards, this Albertan executed what turned out to be a perfect shot with her seven-iron, as the ball made two hops and a short roll to the bottom of the cup. This masterful feat, Shari's first ace after 20-years of trying, was witnessed by playing partners Jon Stevenson (JonBoy), Andrew Shannon (Shananagan) and Farzin Hanifi (SpinMaster). Well done, young lady!

Stevie Ray

Steve Ryan (Stevie Ray)

On December 12, 2015, in a late-season event at Falcon Ridge's Raceview course, Steve "Stevie Ray" Ryan sunk his tee shot on the 115-yard 8th hole. The tees were up a bit, measuring 90-yards from the elevated tee into a stiff December wind, but Steve pured the Maltby Pitching Wedge (thanks GolfWorks!), hitting it high and landing it softly about two feet short of the cup. The feat was witnessed by playing partners Bobo, Tesla and X-Man, and fellow Slammer Tour players on the 9th tee box.


Cecil Sirjoosingh (Ace)

On October 2nd, 2015, while playing a Slammer Tour match-play event, this man lived up to his nickname "Ace" by canning his Titleist ProV1 on the 4th hole of Manderley's central course. This great feat was performed from a distance of 124-yards with a 7-iron into a stiff and cool two-club breeze. This was Cecil's first ace after 38 years of effort and, although he did not win any of his three matches, he did indeed perform the perfect golf shot, as witnessed by playing partners Habib, Irons and Steel Crazy. Well done, sir!

Luci Leblanc (Juice)

Luci Leblanc (Juice)

On Friday, October 17th, 2014, making a pit-stop at the Brockville Country Club en route to the ClubEG Smuggler's Glen Get-Away, Juice proved her worthiness as the Doggie leader—at the time—by canning her tee shot on the rocky ninth hole. It was a back pin that day with lots of leaf coverage on the green and right to left wind, but Luci stepped up, swung her eight-iron and launched her Wilson Staff ball 119-yards home. It was a terrific start to the weekend as she 10-holed two of her playing partners, Grumpy and BigGuy, and took down Shorts five holes later to go 3-0 on the day, earning two more doggies, a Broker4Tickets Skin and the hole-in-one pot. Congrats, Juice!

Mike Therien (Sunny) Mike Therien (Sunny)

On August 4th, 2014 at Talon at GreyHawk, Mike sinks his tee shot on the 171-yard #12 with his five hybrid and Bridgestone 330S ball. Playing in a Slammer Tour event with fellow competitors DJD, PointZero and Gru, this was Mike's second ace in three years and the feat earned him the $680 hole-in-one jackpot. This was Mike's, aka Sunny's, third lifetime ace—not including mini-putt—and word on the street is that he's considering stealing the Slammer nicknames "Ace" and/or "Lucky". Congratulations, Sunny, and thanks for the beer!

Pearls Diane Foss (Pearls)

A big congrats to Pearls who aced the 2nd hole at Loyalist Country Club on June 22nd, 2014. It was a nicely struck 102-yard 7-iron. She was in the hole-in-one club so Pearls takes home over $700!!! Congratulations, young lady!

BigGuy (Guy Caron) Guy Caron (BigGuy)

Congrats to BigGuy who aced the 10th hole at Gatineau on June 11, 2014. A major feat in the books and the hole-in-one jackpot is… still alive! BigGuy wasn't inski on the hole-in-one club. Having second thoughts, BigGuy?

Shayne Sadaka (HawkEye) Shayne Sadaka (HawkEye)

On June 7th, 2014 at The Marshes, Shayne aces he 17th with a 156-yard 8-iron and a Titleist ball. Shayne, aka HawkEye, was playing a Slammer Tour event with BigTee, Dr. Pepper and KidsClub, and thought he had hit the ball too well, worried it had rolled off the back of the green when it disappeared from sight. The ball landed just over the front green-side bunker, took a big bounce and then another, and then dropped in the cup. Shayne'e playing partners told him it was in the hole but he didn't believe it until he took it out of the hole. For this remarkable feat, Shayne won a Doggie. Congtatulations, sir!

Gru Martin Boyer (Gru)

On February 27th, 2014 during a ClubEG Get-Away to Myrle Beach, Martin, aka Gru, aced the 175-yard rd with a three-iron and Callaway ball after playing a Slammer Tour event. Not content with his good round of 83 on the neighbouring Legends Moorland course that day, at the end of a fabulous week with fellow Slammers and ClubEG members, Martin went out for a replay on the Parkland course with playing partner Allen McGee, the best player on the Slammer Tour, and it turned out to be a rewarding replay! Facing a brisk head-wind and cool weather, he hit the three-iron well on a perfect line at the pin, the ball hit the green about five-feet in front of the pin and rolled in for a holapalooza!!! This was Martin's first and only career hole-in-one, so far, and his card was signed by Allen McGee, the Ottawa-Gatineau region's best player and an all-around great guy. Congratulations, Gru!

IronMaiden Lisa Muise (IronMaiden)

On September 14th, 2013, during a Slammer Tour event at Manderley on the Green, IronMaiden stepped up to the 147-yard #4 North and hit her Callaway Solaire with a 5-wood at 8:45 in the morning. The ball hit the front of the green, 10-feet short of the pin, took two bounces, hit the stick and dropped in the hole. Her playing partners, PizzaMan, Stymie and Duke were not only impressed with the shot itself — but that the feat was a superfecta with Lisa winning the hole, scoring a skin and a doggie, and taking home the $400 that had accumulated in the hole-in-one jackpot. Well done, young lady!

Flyer Daniel Marstel (Flyer)

On Thursday, July 18th, 2013, during a Slammer Tour event at The Marshes, Daniel, aka Flyer, aces the short but treacherous #8! At a distance of 118-yards, Daniel actually hit it about 133-yards with just the perfect amount of bite, as the ball sucked back into the cup. The great feat was witnessed by fellow Slammers Bdub, NumberTwoSon and F6Noob. A thing of beauty to watch for sure... congratulations, Flyer!

Pepilepu Bob Pepin (Pepilepu)

On June 9th, 2013, just over one year from his last ace, Slammer Tour member Pepilepu does it again — this time on #10 at Pine View's executive course. Bob was playing with Terry Kuzma, Diane Foss and Bonnie in the Montgomery Legion Curling Tournament, and with #10 also being the closest-to-the-pin hole, he sure picked the perfect time to launch his Titleist DT Solo 98-yards with a pitching wedge to the bottom of the cup. Well done, Pepi!

Pearls Diane Foss (Pearls)

On Thursday, February 28, 2013, while playing a Slammer Tour event during the annual ClubEG Myrtle Beach get-a-way, Diane, aka Pearls, aced the island green par-3 112 yard 17th hole. The wind was directly in her face and strong, hence her choice of a Nancy Lopez 6 hybrid from her new set to conquer the hole. The ball looked great off the tee and after landing on the green, it rolled directly toward the hole and disappeared. Her ace was confirmed when BearCat and ZenGirl looked beyond the hole and Gazziff looked in the cup and confirmed the ball within. It was the first ever hole-in-one for Diane, a rookie on the Slammer Tour who has played golf for 30 years. Congratulations!

Sunny Mike Therien (Sunny)

On Friday, October 5th, 2012, while playing a Slammer Tour event at eQuinelle Golf Club in Kemptville, Mike (aka Sunny) cans his Nike 20Xi from 155-yards with a 6-iron on the third hole. This splendid feat occurred just one day before Mike placed 2nd in the 2012 ClubEG B-Division Club Championship and was witnessed by playing partners Turtle, DeeJay, Harley and a few cold Bud Lights. "Holy crap, it's in the hole!"

KidsClub Bob Kunimoto (KidsClub)

On Thursday, July 26th, 2012, on hole #2 at the spectacular White Sands, while playing in the second event of the Slammer Tour's 2012 Doggie Extravaganza — Bob, aka KidsClub, pured a pitching wedge which hit just in front of the green, took one bounce and rolled into the hole. This was Bob's first-ever ace and the feat was witnessed by six fellow Slammers. Welcome to the club, young man!

Pepilepu Bob Pepin (Pepilepu)

On Saturday, May 5th, 2012, while playing on the Slammer Tour, Pepilepu steps up to the 188-yard, par-three #8 at Lombard Glen and "let it fly" — "it" being a ProV1 launched with a three-wood into the wind. To the amazement of playing partners Lucky, BigTee and Eeyore, the ball drifted nicely through the air, landed softly on the green, rolled up to the flag and dropped out of sight. Congratulations, Bob, on this spectacular feat — and your fellow Slammers thank you for the round of cold Bud Lights!

Cuba Terry Kuzma (Cuba)

On October 23, while playing on the Slammer Tour during the 2011 Smuggler's Glen Get-Away, Terry cans his Titleist on the 108-yard 16th hole with his Taylor Made pitching wedge. Cuba, as he is known on the Tour, had played his pitching wedge the previous day: 8-yards too long when the hole played 100 yards. He was 3rd on the tee the next day, and with no evident wind, the club selection was obvious. The ace was witnessed by fellow Slammers Popeye, Burnsy and Dr. U., as Terry lofted the ball smoothly and just left of the left pin position. It hit the fringe and released 10 feet to the cup and dropped softly to its final resting position in the bottom of the cup. The ball was ultimately tucked safely into the jewelry pocket of Cuba's golf bag, next to his wallet which contained no cash, credit or debit cards. Great shot Mr. Kuzma!

IronMaiden Lisa Muise (IronMaiden)

On Sunday, March 6, 2011, during Slammer Tour Indoor League action at GOLFOMAX, Lisa creates history with the league's first-ever ace! IronMaiden, as she's known on the Tour, records not only the league's first-ever ace, but her own first-ever ace as well (and eagle!). It was on hole #5, a 179-yard par-three and after leaving the face of her 5-wood, the ball flies the front bunker, bounces off the front rough and onto the green, rolls 35 feet right to left, hits the pin and drops in the cup! Congratulations Maiden!

Chilly Jerry Stewart (Chilly)

On November 7th, 2010, at the wonderful Prescott Golf Club, the Slammer Tour's long-time top contender finally makes the perfect shot! It was on the modified par-four #2, which was temporarily converted to a 150-yard par-three while under construction, so Jerry hit a three-quarter 7-iron (to control the spin) and the ball trickled to and appeared to stop on the lip. Jerry buried his head in his hands at the thought of coming so close to making his first-ever ace, until playing partner David McBain announced: "It's in! It's In!" Jerry proceeded to hook his ace ball OB but still bought a big round on the 19th. Congratulations, Jerry!

PointZero Andrew Miles (PointZero)

On Tuesday, May 6th, 2008 on the 175-yard par-three #3 at Château Cartier Resort in Gatineau, Québec, Andrew drains his Top Flite Balata with a Cobra 5-iron. According to legend, Mr. Miles knew he hit it good and didn't even bother to look until playing partner and fellow Slammer Tour member, ProZee, began screaming with excitement as the ball bounced twice and dropped in the hole.

Fuzzy Karl Parks (Fuzzy)

On November 12, 2006 on the 274-yard par 4 14th hole at Casselview Golf & Country Club, "Fuzzy" went for the green with his provisional and put it in the hole for a bird (and a skin!) The miraculous feat was achieved during regular Slammer Tour play.

Kricket Keerthi Weerasooriya (Kricket)

On Friday, April 14, 2006, during a Slammer Tour event, Keerthi draws a 115 yard wedge and drains it on the 14th hole at Lombard Glen near Smiths Falls, Ontario.

Stevie Ray Steve Ryan (Stevie Ray)

On Saturday, August 10, 2002 on the 2nd hole at Trillium Wood in Belleville, Ontario, Steve cans a 132 yard 8-iron. The ace was scored during the Slammer Tour Ryder Cup event with a Dunlop Steelcore.

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