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The G-Baby Challenge for The Kids
Claude Giroux, aka G-Baby, and the Commish take on Malone and Jason Akeson
in this annual match-play battle.

Teagan's Voice eQuinelle Golf Club
2016 Date TBA

Philadelphia Flyers' captain, Claude Giroux, tees it up with the Slammer Tour Commish, aka Rulz, as partners against Malone and his NHL partner, Jason Akeson (Akey) in a team match-play competition in support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Eastern Ontario, and Teagan's Voice.

Sign up with your winning picks for a chance to win a free spot on ClubEG's annual il Primo Smuggler's Glen Get-Away.

  • $20 on your ClubEG account to get in on the contest
  • Hole-by-hole scoring via Twitter
  • Wednesday, August 5 at eQuinelle
  • 2015 recap
  • 2014 recap

Event Format

  • Combined match-play score
  • Deadline to enter is when the first tee ball is hit


  1. Which team will win? (5 points)
  2. How many birdies will Malone have? (2 points)
  3. How many birdies will G-Baby have? (2 points)
  4. How many birdies will Rulz have? (2 points)
  5. How many birdies will Akey have? (2 points)
  6. What hole will the match finish on? (3 points)
  7. Will there be an eagle in the group? (3 points)
  8. Who will have the most three-putts? (2 points; in the event of a tie, points awarded for picking the player who is tied for the lead)
  9. How many doggies will G-Baby & Rulz have combined? (3 points)
  10. How many doggies will Malone & Akey have combined? (3 points)
G-Baby Challenge Sign Up & Picks

Your Name
Which Team Will Win?
# Malone Birdies?
# G-Baby Birdies?
# Akey Birdies?
# Rulz Birdies?
Match Finishing Hole?
Any Eagles (Y/N)?
Who Will Have Most Three-Putts?
# Dogs (G-Baby/Rulz)?
# Dogs (Malone/Akey)?

Good luck!

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