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Special Events

In addition to regular weekly events, the Slammer Tour organizes a variety of special events and all Slammers are encouraged to participate in these great extracurricular events.

The Commish's Cup The Commish's Cup
A one-day 12-person team event with both guest and Slammer teams
Match-Play Championships ST Match-Play Championships
Season-long competition to crown champions in 16 separate divisions
The Slammies The Slammies
The Tour's end-of season awards ceremony and party
The TAN Co. Doggie Extravaganza The Doggie Extravaganza
Nine-hole closest-to-the-pins events at Thunderbird and MarchWood.
G Baby Make-A-Wish Challenge The G-Baby Challenge for The Kids
Claude Giroux, aka G-Baby, and the Commish take on Malone and his partner in this annual match-play battle.
The Indoor Tour Championship The Indoor Tour Championships
Season-long competition to crown champions in five separate divisions
The 100 Yard Sprint The 100 Yard Sprint
Life-long battle. Anyone can challenge anyone else, any time, as long as your group is not out of position.

Leaderboard (as of July 28, 2013)

  1. Malone
  2. Number 7
  3. Rulz
  4. Ticklar
  5. Iron Maiden
  6. PinShark
Course Challenge Events

The Tour periodically challenges teams from other courses in Ryder-Cup style events, so if you are a club member and want to put a team together to take us on, just send an email to

Check them out and sign up!

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