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Slammer Tour: Match-Play Championships
The ST Match-Play Championships identify official champions in 17 divisions.
This match-play tournament runs for the entire season, beginning in May and ending in autumn and champions
win great prizes at the year-end Slammies award ceremony, along with notoriety throughout the year.
Format & Rules

Allen McGee (McGoop)
2018 TBD
2017 Allen McGee (McGoop)
2016 Allen McGee (McGoop)
2015 Zac Wood (Woodsy)
2014 Zac Wood (Woodsy)
2013 Allen McGee (McGoop)
2012 Justin Riopelle (Rio)
2011 Craig Domville (Chef)
2010 Jerry Stewart (Chilly)
2009 Jerry Stewart (Chilly)
2008 Rene Gareau (GolfNut)
2007 Jamie Ryan (Rulz)
2006 Jerry Stewart (Chilly)
2005 Jerry Stewart (Chilly)
Alain Roy (Old Spice)
2018 Alain Roy (Old Spice)
2017 Adrian Mestecanean (Dracula)
2016 Steve Swanson (Swanny)
2015 Kevin Baldelli (ProZee)
2014 Todd Pearson (Fodder)
2013 Jerry Stewart (Chilly)
2012 Zac Wood (Woodsy)
Sponsor The Slammer Tour Match-Play Championships
Stymie (Kevin Mulholland)
2018 Kevin Mulholland (Stymie)
2017 Jerome MIzon (Shteeme)
2016 Mike Therien (Sunny)
2015 Mike Therien (Sunny)
2014 Dan Marstel (Flyer)
2013 Brian Kebic (Lucky)
2012 Sebastien Campeau (Popeye)
2011 Kevin Baldelli (ProZee)
2010 Dave Ibit (IttyBitty)
2009 Mike Sutherland (Suds)
2008 Kevin Baldelli (ProZee)
2007 Mike Sutherland (Suds)
2006 Ken Krasilycz (Eeyore)
2005 Steve Hambling (Hambolo)
Sponsor The Slammer Tour Match-Play Championships
2018 Gilles Peladeau (SlapShot)
2017 Rick Turner (Gator)
2016 Vinko Surla (X-Man)
2015 Shayne Sadaka (HawkEye)
2014 Haider Abbas (Duke)
2013 Ian Arsenault (ShortStack)
2012 Wayne Coyle (Snake)
2011 Sebastien Campeau (Popeye)
2010 Michael Muise (PizzaMan)
2009 Tyler Bayne (Tyger)
Sponsor The Slammer Tour Match-Play Championships
D-Division TC
2018 Scott Turner (Ali G)
2017 Dennis Blackie (Bubba)
2016 Steph Pilon (GolfGripGuy)
2015 Dennis Blackie (Bubba)
2014 Drew McAnulty (Gazzif)
2013 JP McAvoy (Legal Eagle)
2012 Ted Charlton (The Enigma)
2011 Denis Belanger (Lynksy)
2010 Alex Hendsbee (Captain Crunch)
Sponsor The Slammer Tour Match-Play Championships
Pairs Division ST Match-Play Championship
2018 TBD
Sponsor The Slammer Tour Match-Play Championships
McGoop & Juice
Mixed A
2018 Allen McGee (McGoop) &
Luci Leblanc (Juice)
2017 Andy Rajhathy (Malone) &
Chery Hill (chill)
2016 Allen McGee (McGoop) &
Luci Leblanc (Juice)
2015 Allen McGee (McGoop) &
Luci Leblanc (Juice)
2014 Ian Arsenault (ShortStack) &
Erika Godwin (Lil' Muffin)
2013 Craig Domville (Chef) &
Luci Leblanc (Juice)
2012 Craig Domville (Chef) &
Luci Leblanc (Juice)
2011 Darcy Jenkins (Ripzone) &
Julie Cashaback (Cash)
2010 Darcy Jenkins (Ripzone) &
Julie Cashaback (Cash)
2009 Brian Bonner (Boomer) &
Darquise Leduc (Tootsie)
2008 Rene Gareau (GolfNut) &
Michele Gareau (Mrs. GolfNut)
Sponsor The Slammer Tour Match-Play Championships
Mixed B Tour Championship
Mixed B
2018 Johnny Davies (Steel Crazy) &
Cheryl Hill (chill)
2017 Jeff Gilchrist (Switch) &
Luci Leblanc (Juice)
2016 Joe Clark (Pukey J) &
Rhonda Hamoui (Taz)
Sponsor The Slammer Tour Match-Play Championships
Parent-Child Tour Championship
2018 Sharon Windsor (ToothFairy) &
Nolan Windsor (Nolanator)
2017 Allen McGee (McGoop) &
Hunter McGee (Pickle)
2016 Allen McGee (McGoop) &
Hunter McGee (Pickle)
2015 Brent Phillipps (Chubs) &
Jim Phillipps (F6Noob)
2014 Brent Phillipps (Chubs) &
Jim Phillipps (F6Noob)
2013 Gabe Rajhathy (Papa Malone) &
Andy Rajhathy (Malone)
2012 Sharon Windsor (ToothFairy) &
Nolan Windsor (Nolanator)
2011 Mike Therien (Sunny) &
Jake Therien (SunnyBoy)
2010 Kevin Baldelli (ProZee) &
Zachary Baldelli (Baldee)
2009 Kevin Baldelli (ProZee) &
Zachary Baldelli (Baldee)
2008 Kevin Baldelli (ProZee) &
Zachary Baldelli (Baldee)
2007 Neil Cascagnette (The Lad) &
Ian Cascagnette (Little Lad)
2006 Bill Ryan (Billiards) &
Jamie Ryan (Rulz)
2005 Bill Ryan (Billiards) &
Jamie Ryan (Rulz)
2004 Bill Dorion (Billy-Dee) &
Dale Dorion (TanMan)
The Falcon Ridge Ladies Tour Championship
Luci Leblanc (Juice)
Falcon Ridge Ladies
2018 Luci Leblanc (Juice)
2017 Luci Leblanc (Juice)
2016 Haley Yerxa (HaleStorm)
2015 Cheryl Hill (chill)
2014 Cheryl Hill (chill)
2013 Cheryl Hill (chill)
2012 Sharon Windsor (ToothFairy)
2011 Julie Cashaback (Cash)
2010 Julie Cashaback (Cash)
2009 Julie Cashaback (Cash)
2008 Lisa Gordon (Flash)
2007 Lisa Gordon (Flash)
Sponsor The Slammer Tour Match-Play Championships
Cheryl Hill (chill)
Ladies B
2018 Cheryl Hill (chill)
2017 Luci Leblanc (Juice)
2016 Shari Johnson (Dr. Pepper)
2015 Haley Yerxa (HaleStorm)
2014 Lisa Muise (IronMaiden)
2013 Sharon Windsor (ToothFairy)
2012 Cheryl Hill (chill)
2011 Lisa Muise (IronMaiden)
2010 Lisa Muise (IronMaiden)
Sponsor The Slammer Tour Match-Play Championships
Ladies TC C
Ladies C
2018 Marie Lusson (SunShine)
2017 Marie Lusson (SunShine)
2016 Marie Lusson (SunShine)
2015 Christian Bernard (Orange Crush)
2014 Barbara Wright (Babz)
2013 Nadine Borduas (Precious)
2012 Nadine Borduas (Precious)
2011 Katie Weatherston (GoldenGirl)
Sponsor The Slammer Tour Match-Play Championships
Nathalie Pelletier (TravelFreak)
Ladies D
2018 Nathalie Pelletier (TravelFreak)
2017 Lana MacKenzie (MsDemeanor)
2016 Christine Doyon (NikeMom)
2015 Kathy Logan (Kaki)
Sponsor The Slammer Tour Match-Play Championships
Craig Domville (Chef)
2018 Craig Domville (Chef)
2017 Todd Pearson (Fodder)
2016 Damien Morin (Slinky)
2015 Calvin Turner (Nivlac)
2014 Terry Kuzma (Cuba)
2013 David McBain (KaDaver)
2012 David McBain (KaDaver)
2011 Bob Irvine (ParBreaker)
2010 Bob Irvine (ParBreaker)
2009 Rene Gareau (GolfNut)
2008 Michel Denis (Hacker)
2007 Rene Gareau (GolfNut)
2006 Norm Bissell (Happy)
Sponsor The Slammer Tour Match-Play Championships
Guy Brunet (Guyzer)
Super Senior
2018 Guy Brunet (Guyzer)
2017 John Gough (GoofBall)
2016 John Gough (GoofBall)
2015 Brent Phillipps (Chubs)
2014 Brent Phillipps (Chubs)
2013 Brent Phillipps (Chubs)
2012 Brent Phillipps (Chubs)
2011 Bob Walker (Rexall)
2010 Paul Murray (PJ)
2009 Tim Schobert (Bookie)
Sponsor The Slammer Tour Match-Play Championships
Ladies D TC
Supreme Senior
2018 TBD
2017 n/a
2016 n/a
Sponsor The Slammer Tour Match-Play Championships
2017 TBD
2016 n/a
2015 n/a
2014 Sean Leduc (Duker)
2013 Nolan Windsor (Nolanator)
2012 Nolan Windsor (Nolanator)
2011 Jake Therien (SunnyBoy)
2010 Zachary Baldelli (Baldee)
2009 Zachary Baldelli (Baldee)

Your Name
Enter as many divisions as you want (i.e., a D can play in the C, B, Mixed, etc.)
Division 1
Division 2
Division 3
Division 4
Division 5
Scoring Median
or Golf Canada HCP
Payment Method
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Single Divisions Partner Divisions
1st ST Wind Jacket 1st (both) ST Wind Jacket
2nd ST Golf Shirt 2nd (both) ST Golf Shirt
3rd ST Cap
4th ST Cap

Format & Rules (Updated May 8, 2018)
  1. Entries and payment must be in by May 15th

  2. Round #1 to be set up by May 20th

  3. $10 entry fee per person, per division

  4. Prizes and trophies awarded to champs of all divisions as well as runners-up

  5. Parent-Child and Mixed are combined match-play (add both scores). Partners are not permitted to play a simultaneous match due to conflict of interest

  6. Pairs Division teams consist of one Open/A Division player and one D Division player, or one B Division player and a C Division player

  7. Mixed is divided into A&B where B is for teams with a combined scoring median of 175 or higher

  8. See ClubEG Division Breakdown below. You may play in a higher division if you like, and you may play in as many divisions as you like

  9. To play in the finals (all divisions) you must have played a minimum of five Slammer Tour events in the current season. Parent-Child and the Mixed divisions are exempt from this rule.

  10. Single knockout format: lose once and you are out; win and you move to the next round

  11. All matches will be played at regularly published Slammer events and arranged by both players, unless otherwise approved

  12. Each round will have a published deadline. Any match not completed by the published deadline will be declared over and the Commish will select one person to move on based on the following guidelines: attempts to play the match, events played, top ranked, other reasons provided

  13. Seeding for entrants is based on skill level (prior stats and judgment call by Commish) as of the registration deadline; top 4 from previous year will be seeded 1 to 4

  14. If a match ends in a draw then sudden death extra holes is played, but only if both Slammers agree and the course permits it, otherwise another 18 hole match will be played on another date

  15. Anyone can enter; Rookies don't be shy!

  16. Players must meet the divisional criteria at the time of registration and on May 1st. If at any time throughout the year a player's scoring median moves substantially below the eligible scoring median (3 or more strokes) then the player will be removed from that division and a default win awarded to his/her opponent.

    This will be a discretionary call by the Slammer Tour committee based on the evidence provided. If removed, a decision will be made to grant a default win to the previous opponent played (if the match was played within one week prior) or granted to the next player to play.

    Once the brackets get to the semi-final rounds, this rule no longer applies and players cannot be removed.

  17. 2017 will be the first year where we do a straight bracket system. Players aren’t re-seeded after each round, so what you see in the 2017 brackets will be how your future matches are set, similar to a tennis tournament.

ClubEG Division Breakdown
(Updated Nov. 6/16)

Open Open to anyone
A 78-84 scoring median
B 85 to 91 scoring median
C 92 to 99 scoring median
D 100 or higher scoring median

Tee Blocks
(Updated March 29/16)

  • All competitors will play from their regular tee-block assignment.

Age Breakdown
(as of April 25)

Mini Junior 15 years of age or less
Junior 16-18 years of age
Senior 50 years of age and over
Super Senior 65 years of age and over
Supreme Senior 75 years of age and over

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