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Tour Chapters

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Tour Chapters. Get your own league!

Founded and based in Ottawa, Ontario,
The Slammer Tour is a match-play golf league for recreational golfers at all levels, from high handicappers to scratch players. It combines competition, fun and learning in perfect balance and has been operational since 1997.

Chapter Captains

As a Chapter Captain, you can build your initial membership-base through word of mouth and email communication with your existing golf buddies, work colleagues, friends and family. You'll find that word spreads rather quickly, mainly because people just love the game and will be naturally receptive to this unique format. Only one Tour Chapter is allocated per city or region, anywhere on the planet Earth, and you only need four members to start!

Tour Central will provide you with all of the materials you need to get going!

  • Step-by-step start-up guide
  • Your own website section with easy-to-use event summary forms
  • Full member stats
  • Marketing/promotional templates
  • Distribution rights for SlammerGear (hats, shirts, towels, etc.)
  • Email access to The Commish for operational support, advice and guidance

Fee structure

Until such time as your Slammer Tour Chapter reaches 100 members, the only cost is your time, unless of course you choose to invest in your own advertising/marketing effort. Once you reach 100 members, a revenue-sharing model kicks in where both parties begin earning money.

Who owns the Slammer Tour?

The Slammer Tour is privately owned by Jamie Ryan, aka The Commish, president of JDR Golf Inc. based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Will the Slammer Tour work in your area?

The concept has already been proven and refined in Ottawa so yes, it will work, as long as you make the effort. Recruiting the initial 100 members is the hardest part but after that, recruitment happens naturally and exponentially through word of mouth. It is important, too, for you as a Chapter Captain to have a good understanding of the game and the rules.

What do you need to get started?

  • Willingness to make a minimum five-year commitment to the Tour
  • Initial contacts to build the membership base
  • Dedication and patience as members come on board and begin to understand what the Tour is all about
  • Commitment to ensure that all Tour branding and quality standards are respected and met
  • A right hand man/woman to back you up plus two or three other enthusiastic people to help you out with day-to-day operations
  • Access to at least 15 public golf courses that will accept reservations for 4-20 golfers at a time, and at least five days in advance
  • The time to personally participate in at least 75% of your Tour events
  • A sense of humour! We love competition and play by the rules, but, we're also in it to have fun

Why not just create your own tour?

Why reinvent the wheel when you can tap into more than a decade's worth of knowledge and experience from those who have already dug themselves out of the trenches, made the mistakes and refined the approach? Much of the infrastructure is already in place, too, including website, member statistics, promotional material, merchandising, format and rules. There's a lot to develop when you start from scratch.

Contact The Commish by email to discuss a
Tour Chapter in your area.

Slammer Tour
The Slammer Tour. Fun and competitive match-play golf for everyone!
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