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The Slammer Tour FAQ

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Is there an incentive for recruiting new Slammers?

You bet. Any Slammer who recruits a rookie gets a $10 credit towards SlammerGear, and if that rookie plays his or her 10th event, the recruitee scores a weekday ClubEG Membership for the next season.

Remember, the first Ottawa-based Tour event is free for all first-timers!

How do you join the Tour?

Simple: just click the button at the top-left of this page and sign up. Membership is free so give it a try.

What's a "bone"?

It's the same as a buck!

Help! I'm a rookie and I have no idea what's going on.

Don't panic, here's a one-page overview of how things work.

Is the Tour a boys club?

Not at all. In fact some of the Tour's most active members are ladies, and we encourage ladies of all skill levels to join. It's a great way to learn more about the game and meet new people.

What's does "inski" mean?

It simply means "you're in!" with respect to some kind of event or activity.

What is The Lottery?

The Registration Lottery occurs during the first two hours of the start of the registration. During this interval, all registered players are deemed to be 'in' the lottery. Once the two-hour lottery is over the registrants are randomly ranked from 1 to x. The first person will have first challenge-priority, the second person second challenge-priority, etc. It is possible that there are more people in the lottery than there are spots available in the event. In this instance the top y people ranked in the lottery will be registered for the event, where y are the number of open spots remaining.

I'm a professional golfer: can I join?

Absolutely. The Tour is specifically designed to accommodate everyone, from beginner to pro.

Do I have to challenge someone?

You cannot decline a challenge from someone ranked lower than you. By default there are challenges all around, except that one may opt out of challenging a Slammer two divisions higher (i.e., a D player does not have to challenge a B player). In such a case, if the D player is ranked higher than the B, the D cannot refuse the challenge. If a Slammer challenges another Slammer ranked two or more divisions higher than his/hers, he/she must challenge all players in the group at that division. You cannot challenge the best rank in your group without challenging other ranks in between. The same applies for the 2nd highest rank, in which case you must also challenge the third highest rank.

How does match-play format work?

Unlike "stroke-play" where the player with the lowest score wins, match-play is about winning more holes than an opponent before you run out of holes in the match.Your score on a particular hole is actually irrelevent, so long as it's better than the opponent's score. For example: if Player A makes par on the first hole, and Player B makes bogey, then Player A is "one-up". If Player A continues and wins 10 holes in a row, Player B loses the match because there aren't enough holes left to mount a comeback. Being "10-holed" is like being skunked in other sports. Visit Grumpy's 10-Hole Club.

What does it mean when someone says: "I beat him two-and-one"?

Similar to saying "I beat him two-up", in match-play this means that the winner of the match was two holes up with only one hole remaining; so the opponent just ran out of holes.

What is a doggie?

This is the Tour's closest -to-the-pin challenge for all par threes. It's an optional five-bone entry for all Slammer Tour events and argueably the most exciting part of Tour events. Make sure you have a ball ready, marked with your nickname... and a nice long tee so you can proudly display your feat of greatness. One word of caution, though: in order to win a doggie, you must make par or better on the hole. A dreaded three-putt disqualifies you of the doggie and you must make a 50 cent donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Eastern Ontario, and Teagan's Voice. Hey, it's for the kids!

Why do Slammer Tour rounds cost more than a basic green fee?

The Slammer Tour is a fully-organized league with daily events, online stats, leaderboards, online registration and event management, prizing and special events. It offers much more than a standard round of golf with your buddies.

What's a skin?

Players win a skin when they outright beat everyone else on a particular hole. Say you're the only one to make par and everyone else makes bogey or worse, you win a skin! Skins are an opptional side-competition at Slammer Tour events and the value of each skin is based on the number of Slammers in a particular event and the number of actual skins. More info here.

Who are "The Kids"?

When you hear a Slammer reference "Thy Kids", they're talking about the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Eastern Ontario, and Teagan's Voice, to whom the Tour donates all three-putt money, excess skin bones and money generated through other means. These fine organizations are the Slammer Tour's cause of choice, thanks to Slammer legend, Itzak Rahbin.

Say I beat the top-ranked Slammer on hole 17 but another competitor beats me on #18, will I be #1 or #2?

If they beat both you and the former #1, then yes, they will be the new #1. All ladder movement (rankings) occur after all matches in a group have ended.

What is the Tour's cancellation policy?

See "Rules & Format: Other Rules".

How can I become an Onsite Coordinator (OC)?

The Tour already has plenty of OCs but feel free to send us an email to be put on the waiting list.

How do you determine which courses to play?

The Commish bases course selection on Slammer requests, preferences and other factors. Although the schedule is pretty much set at the beginning of the season, there are last minute additions throughout the year.

Who or what is the Commish?

The Commish is the Tour Commissioner. He manages the Tour and all of the issues that come with its operation.

How are rulings settled?

See "Rules & Format: Rulings".

How long has the Slammer Tour been around?

The Tour was founded in 1997 by the Commish.

Why doesn't the Tour use handicaps?

There are a couple of reasons: not everyone has an official handicap, and handicaps are subject to misuse in competition (i.e. sandbagging). To level the playing field, the Tour assigns a division-level to each Slammer (A,B,C,D) to determine which tee blocks they must play from and this gives less-skilled Slammers a fighting chance if they choose to go after the top dogs.

How do the points work?

A Slammer gets two points for a win, one point for a tie and zippo for a loss. When you hear someone say: "I was three-and-o", that means they won all of their matches! As another example, "one-one-and-one (1-1-1)" means they won one match, tied one and lost the other.

How is Scoring Median (ScMdn) Calculated?

Scoring median is based on your last 20 games, even if it's across seasons. To calculate, take your last 20 games and sort them by score. The tenth one is your "Scoring Median". If you have fewer than 20 games posted, i.e. two, we use the best one; if four, we use the second round.

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