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Get some personalized gear today!
Look good!
Swing easy and play well!

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Note to Slammers.
Recruit a rookie and get a $10 credit towards SlammerGear and if your rookie plays 10 events, you get a free weekday ClubEG Membership!

Your Name:
Cap: $22 Shirt: $44
Wind/Rain Jacket: $62 Toque: $15
Golf Bag Patch: $15 Fleece: $35
Belt: $50 (Orange/White) Custom Request
Gift Certificate: Any amount and can be used
for gear or event fees. Please indicate value
in comment section.

* Plus HST


(Team West)
(Team South)
(Team East)
(Team Central)
Baby Blue
(Team Quebec)
Royal Blue Yellow
Pink Purple
Extra Small Large
Small Extra Large
Medium XXL
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Note to New Divisional #1s

To receive your #1 cap, just fill out the form above and indicate who you beat, when, and in what division.

You will receive a #1 cap if:
  • you beat the former #1 in your division and finish a Slammer event as #1 in that division; or
  • if you leapfrog the current #1 in your division by defeating someone in a higher division; or
  • if you defend the #1 position in your division against a challenger from the same division (in the event you obtained #1 in your division by leapfrogging a Slammer from a lower division than you)

To see the current #1s in any division, check out the revolving leaderboard on the Slammer Tour home page or go to the stats page and choose a division from the category selector.

Maximum of one cap per person per year, even if you reached #1 in more than one division, i.e. B-division and Super Senior.

Good luck to all!

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The Slammer Tour. Fun and competitive match-play golf for everyone!
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