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2008 Slammies
"You guys are nuts. I love it!"
Scott MacLeod, Flagstick Golf Magazine


Annual Tour Awards

Saturday, December 8th, 2018

The Slammies are the Tour's season-end celebration and awards ceremony. To qualify for these prestigious awards, Slammers must play in a minimum of 10 Tour events in a given season. The event is open to Slammer Tour Members, friends, guests and loved ones and features an evening of great friends, food and fun!

Other than for ST Match-Play Championships, Slammers must be present at the Slammies to be eligible for prizing for all other awards.

What's on the menu? (2018)

Chowdered Halibut
Seared Halibut fillet / Corn and Potato hash / Garlic Cream sauce / Applesmoked Bacon crumble

Seared Strip Loin
Seared strip loin / Broussel sprouts & tri colour carrot veg / Smashed potatoes / Red wine mushroom demi

Red thai Tofu
Grilled Tofu / Roasted Green zucchini / Grape tomatoes / Fresh spinach / Red thai coconut cream sauce / Chili flakes

Buffalo Chicken Alfredo
Penne Noodles / Buffalo Cream sauce / Spanish Onions / Grape Tomatoes / Parmesan Cheese / Garlic Bread

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The Slammie Roster
The Preston Cup
Slammer of the Year, courtesy of Billiards & WSM, as voted on by fellow Slammers
Ottawa Sun Rookie of the Year
Awarded to a new Slammer who exemplifies the Tour's values of sportsmanship
Awarded to the season's most improved Slammer
The Cascagnette Cup
Awarded to the Open ST Match-Play Champion
The Falcon Ridge Cup
Awarded to the Ladies ST Match-Play Champion
Senior ST Match-Play Champion
A-Division ST Match-Play Champion
Super Senior ST Match-Play Champion
Junior ST Match-Play Champion
The Billy-Dee Cup
Awarded to the Parent-Child ST Match-Play Champions
Mixed ST Match-Play Champions
B-Division ST Match-Play Champion
Ladies B ST Match-Play Champion
C-Division ST Match-Play Champion
Ladies C ST Match-Play Champion
D-Division ST Match-Play Champion
Ladies D ST Match-Play Champion
Top-Ranked Slammers
Awarded to divisional number ones at the end of the season
Grumpy's 10-Hole Club
The OC's Most Style'n Award
Awarded to the most stylish or best-dressed Slammer
The Michelob Ultra Cup
Awarded to the top divisional point-getters
The Doggie Cup
Awarded to divisional champions with the most doggies
The Canadian Cup
Awarded to divisional champions with the most birdies
The Office Doctor Cup
Awarded to divisional champions with the most eagles
Broker4Tickets Cup
Awarded to divisional champions with the most skins
Ian Campbell's
"The Guy In The Kilt" Cup

Awarded to divisional champions with the highest win percentage
The Casselview Cup
Awarded to the Slammer who makes the biggest financial contribution

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