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Slammer Tour Member Chuckie's Profile
This page displays your own personal stats and profile information.
Chuckie's Personal Profile
Todd Bruno
Slammer Email
Membership Status
Working on it!
Rookie Year
Day's without Bug's, and smiley people.
Unprepared player's.
Quiet evening's playing card's! Cribbage, backgammon, and most game's.
Personal Commentary
I like everybody. Will alway;s give positive vibe's, to everyone I meet. And will alway's go and look for your ball!
Chuckie's Golf Bio
Teeblock Assignment
Competition Preference
More intense the better
Days Able to Play
Any day if I'm free
Hole in one at Le'Dome. 167 yds.
3 putting
Short memory., and never get overly upset about losing. I tend to lose lately, because of my shoulder's, but who care's. I alway's stick around and hang out. I think, that Is a true SLAMMER, wi...
My Iron's, got nailed with the Shank's 5 year's ago, and have never recovered? Sigh!
Favourite Local Course
Le Sorcier.
Favourite Shot
punch 5 wood.
Favourite Club
Ping G5 3 Wood
Hole in One
Le' dome. Now called Haute's Plaines.
Top accomplishments
Back in Military., 3 days and 3 night's without sleep.
One of those thing's that you had to do, and I did it! If you know anybody that did it, then ask, them? On the third day, your a walking zombie.
The Commish Cup
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Chuckie's Head-To-Head
Chuckie's Upcoming Events
Chuckie is not registered in any events
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Chuckie's 2018 Stats - Detailed Stats
There are no Chuckie stats available for 2018
Detailed Personal Stats - All Stats - Scoring Median Stats
Chuckie's Career Stats
Seasons 10
Events Played 106
Birds 62
Birdie Avg 0.58
Eagles 1
Skins 28
Skin Bones $-173
Dogs 23
Dog Bones $-146
Scoring Median 89
Win % 45%
Wins 125
Losses 151
Draws 26
Points 276
Total Bones $-464
All Stats
Chuckie's Past events
Pine View Thu Aug 17, 2017 Upcoming Event
Casselview Sun Jul 30, 2017 Upcoming Event
Pine View Sun Jul 23, 2017 Upcoming Event
Casselview Wed Jun 28, 2017 Upcoming Event
Pine View Thu Sep 29, 2016 Upcoming Event
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